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Self Defence Training



Ontario SHSM Sectors 

  • Health & Wellness (Fitness)

  • Community Justice and Security (Self Defence)

  • Non-Profit (Self Defence)      

General Course Classroom Integration:

  • Health

  • Physed

  • Community & Justice

  • Law Enforcement

  • Security

  • Other

Enhance Safety, Awareness & Response with Krav Maga. Learn about de-escalation tactics and situational awareness, while participating in group work that focuses on stress drills,  strikes, escapes from chokes and holds, weapon defense tactics (optional), and more. Longer customized and multi- session programs can be tailored upon an educators request for their program/course. Training can be infused into the regular curriculum and also br used to meet requirements of Ontario SHSM's community/justice and health and wellness programs.


  • Striking skills with the arms and legs (punching/palm strikes, hammer fists, elbows, front kicks and knees)

  • Discussion around using tactical communication when dealing with a violent suspect.

  • High intensity drills to replicate the stress and fatigue of dealing with violent confrontation.

  • Basic defenses against empty handed attacks (chokes, headlocks).

  • Striking & defenses against batons and blunt objects.

  • Defenses against knife attacks.

  • Situational awareness exercises to mimic real world scenarios.

Cost: $28.25/pp

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Krav Facility. Inquire about doing it at your school 

SHSM Uses: Certification or experiential Learning

*For large groups and multiple same day sessions, inquire about any discounts

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