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Art of painting

Our Story

A Poetic Health is our story and our footprint. We believe that health - like poetry - is reflective of the many angles, parts, and stories that make up our lives. It involves balancing and fine tuning each of those parts along the way, while learning and unlearning what we need to in order to maximize our ability to heal and live in our best self. Health and healing are tied to how we interact with ourselves and the world around us, and with access to the right support and resources, everyone has the capacity to reach their goals. Whether you are looking for education programs for yourself or your organization, consulting services to assist your business, or personal care assistance and tips, we can help. Please feel free to browse our content and programs, consulting and care services and reach out if you have any questions.

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Encourage health through education

Enhance value for traditional customs and knowledge around the world, while increasing global citizenship.

Improve health outcomes and increase support and care equally across all demographics. 


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