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Spa and Wellness

WELLNESS - Coming Soon

We partner with the community to bring you quality wellness programs, practitioners, and information all in one place. We believe quality and credible information and committed practice leads to greater health and self - care outcomes, and we want to contribute. Our virtual care clinic offers needed services in accessible ways, with you as our priority. We work in tandem with many experts who have graciously offered Teacher/educator and student discounts in order to satisfy the needs of many of our clients. Feel free to browse our directory of services and service partners.  Don't require assistance and care services, but want to learn tips and tricks for optimizing self care and health? Subscribe to our collective and become part of our community - get updated and quality information on a variety of health and care topics. Our online dispensary allows you to custom formulate a variety of tinctures for personal or professional use. 

*Disclaimer: Where a third party is involved in the sale or delivery of a service or program all inquiries and complaints should be addressed to the third party seller/provider directly.

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