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A Poetic Health provides a range of health, food and wellness workshops, courses, and lunch & learns for your community and corporate wellness needs. All material is created and delivered by expert practitioners with specific training in the topic covered. If you do not see what you are looking for, tell us what you need, and we will do our best to connect you with an amazing topic expert to deliver.  Costs vary depending on the workshop and numbers, so please contact us if not listed. 

Food Handler Certification


Become our partner today! This allows you to certify staff and program participants in-house at reduced rates, on your time, while minimizing the middle person. Comes in an interactive online format with video games, great content, activities, and more - Give it to your employees to complete as part of onboarding or training maintenance protocols and then proctor the exam for your group - It's that simple. Food businesses, childcare centres, hospitals and other institutions, community programs, and camps, are some of the sectors that can benefit.  To get started, complete a parner form and send it back for approval. Partner brochure and application form can be downloaded below.  

Food on Ice


Our train the trainer option allows you to organize your own public and private groups, while using A Poetic Health as the certifying body. If you have a background in food, education, health and safety or other applicable areas, join our team. Get access to a great program, digital and in-person options, flexible arrangements, a great mark-up and percentage for your services and a great way to earn some additional income, while planning your own schedule and working as much or as little as you would like.  Send us an email with your interest - Join our team of trainers today! 

Infection Control Digital Escape Room Training


Reinforce workplace infection control in a fun and engaging way with our Infection Control Escape Room. Participants work to solve puzzles and crack codes as they learn about infection control, and how to keep themselves and others safe. Topics have been extracted from IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control Board) relevant topic areas, and have been re-designed to offer a more tactile learning experience (i.e. hand hygiene, PPE, donning and doffing,  cleaning/sanitizing/disinfection, common pathogens, sharps safety and more). Contact us to include as part of your employee training program or your LMS. Great for healthcare facilities, childcare workers,  educators settings, fitness & recreation centres and applicable to the general public. For individual purchases, click here.

Functional Movement Screens


Learn how to use movement to assess your future risk of injury. Participants work in groups as they learn how to use 7 functional movement screens to test proper and improper movement, along with joint optimization, flexibility, stability and mobility. From the results, each participant will be able to determine their own and someone else's risk patterns, while learning corrective strategies they can be apply for different inbalances whether on themself and another. Great for personal trainers, athletes, coaches, educators, and sports teams, or as a workplace wellness workshop for staff. 

Herbal Medicine
wrapping and taping for Performance and Injury


Work your way from head to toe, learning common injuries, how to minimize risks, and how to manage those injuries with wrapping and taping techniques. Participants get exposed to both athletic (k-tape) and rigid taping techniques, when to use each (acute vs chronic injuries vs performance), benefits, and optimal body locations for each type. Great for sports facilities and teams, fitness professionals, and the general public. Use as a workplace wellness workshop to encourage self-care and well-being.

Herbal Medicine


Care about employee health and wellbeing? With a majority of hours spent at work, you can help improve employee wellness with this single workshop.  In this lunch & learn session, employees learn how to properly set up a workstation to fit their specific needs, promote optimal posture and minimize risk of injury. Participants also learn to identify common repetitive strain injuries and explore preventative and remedial stretches they can implement at work to promote health, ease and comfort on the job. 

Art Therapy For Conflict Resolution and Mental Health


Using imagery, colour and shape, your team will explore the therapeutic process through creative mediums, while expressing thoughts and feelings that can otherwise be difficult to articulate. A guided session gives your team the ability to learn about and explore the power of their own healing and therapeutic process through art. Used as a teambuilding exercise, a group exploratory session can help enhance employee engagement through the exploration of workplace dynamics via a guided group session. Enhance employee morale, conflict resolution, relationship building and productivity.

Herbal Medicine
fascial stretch


Fascial Stretch Therapy is a system of assisted stretches that target the release of fascia, rather than muscle alone. In this workshops participants explore a paradigm shift in stretch techniques, while learning how to perform fascial stretching on themselves and others. Benefits include faster recovery times, increased athletic performance, increased range of motion, rehabilitation support and relief of joint and muscle pain. Great as part of your workplace wellness lunch & learn series, or as part of your teambuilding and professional development repertoire for sport and fitness professionals. 

Alternative Medicine
Nutritional Cooking


Good Nutrition is a cornerstone of good living. Our workplace nutrition sessions cover a variety of topics, and can be catered to different audiences based on need. Customized sessions are available upon request. Our partner dieticians have a range of experience and skill sets that can help keep your employees on track. Topics covered can include sports nutrition, plant-based eating, mental health nutrition and more. To learn more about session options, please click here. 

Breathwork Session


Broaden participant understanding around the connections between mental and physical health via exploratory activities that ask participants to look at the relationship between their thoughts, sensations and behaviors. Participants will begin to recognize the different manifestations of stress, their specific response patterns, and some of their unique coping mechanisms. A variety of strategies and activities to aid self-monitoring, self regulation and stress reduction will be practiced, enabling participants to walk away with practical strategies to aid self-care.

Alternative Medicine
Breathing Meditation


Are you ready to release stress, anxiety, blockages, repressed emotions, boost your creativity, focus and immune system with the power of your breath? The Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience (ERBE) is a process that combines various elements like deep tribal music, 4 different types of breathing techniques, meditation and integration to guide the participant into a deeper state of self-awareness, release and renewal to improve overall health. A must try experience!

Alternative Medicine
Breathing Meditation


The average human takes ~ 20,000 breaths per day. Are you making every one of them count? Optimizing your breathing can help reduce stress, anxiety and burnout; improve your mood; increase mental clarity, focus and creativity;  improve sleep; reduce tension and pain; reduce impulsivity and cravings; and so much more. Learn how to control your breathing, so you can control your awareness, your focus and your energy with simple,  but life changing breathing techniques. This guided session equips participants with knowledge of proper breathing habits, and allows them to walk away with several in-the-moment breathing techniques to help address common situations like anxiety, stress, and energy.

Sound Bath Session


Sound therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health.  In this experience participants are introduced to some of the beneficial effects of sound, as they participate in a sound bath that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body and mind. Singing bowls are tuned at strategic frequencies for healing and relaxing different parts of the body and mind. Great for stress management and part of a workplace wellness plan. All you need is a room, and we will provide the rest. 

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Camping in the Wilderness


This program will focus on the sacred order of survival: Shelter, water, fire, food. Great for teambuilding and leadership activities for any workplace. Participants learn various survival skills while partaking in activities that transfer these skills into practice. Depending on the location and duration, topics and activities may involve shelter building, traditional fire lighting (fire by friction and the use of bow drills), water (including primitive water filters, purification methods, and or tracking water and springs); what to do if you are lost and  stuck out overnight, emergency food and medicine, and more.  Inquire about day or overnight excursion for your employees. 

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Wild Berries


Looking for a fun and active teambuilding activity outdoors? Great for survivalists and enironmentalists, along with food, health and wellness enthusiasts, this focussed workshop explores the inherent value of local resources for food and medicine. Participants will explore the different flavors, textures, and uses of wild edibles and medicinals for culinary, nutritional and medicinal functions. Learn about invasive and native species, how & which parts to use, how to prepare safely, ethical harvesting/foraging, and tips for identification. Talk to us about a lunch & learn stroll or a day excursion for your group. We will work within your group parameters. 

maya guatemalan food


A Poetic Health is collaborating with Indigenous and traditional Chefs, food Innovators and specialists around the world to bring the flavors, stories and cultures that make up the human story to you. We will help you plan a teambuilding culinary experience for your staff as you take a virtual journey into the heart, cultures and cuisines of the world, while helping to support various communities around the world through your teambuilding experience. Click here to learn more.

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Self Defence Training


Enhance Safety, Awareness & Response with Krav Maga. A great teambuilding activity to test communication and build confidence in life and the workplace. Learn about de-escalation tactics and situational awareness, while participating in group work that focuses on stress drills,  strikes, escapes from chokes and holds, weapon defense tactics (optional), and more. Lunch & Learns, as well as longer customized and multi- session programs can be tailored upon request. 

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First Aid Kit


Taught by real world emergency responders (i.e. paramedics, nurses, firefighters etc...), realistic scenarios help prepare your groups for emergencies they may experience in indoor, outdoor and/or remote environments. Wilderness First Aid, Standard First Aid, Psychological First Aid and other options available. 

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