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Our team of Public Health Inspectors are food safety, quality and compliance solutionists. And our consulting services aim to provide solutions to your food safety and quality challenges. We offer consultations for importers, processors, and retailers, to ensure the food you serve and produce remains compliant with all applicable legislations, leaving you more time to focus on your business. We will keep you up-to-date in operational requirements, assist with ongoing staff training, and keep you inspection ready for visits by agencies like the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, your Local Health Department, and other officials. 



With the emergence of COVID-19, along came a new set of challenges for business sectors and business operators, creating not only a new challenge but also a new responsibility to keep your staff and operations as risk-free and safe as possible. We understand the importance of the work you do, and as public health professionals, we want to help you do it safely. We use current evidence-based research along with the most up-to-date guidelines and recommendations to develop safe work plans, health and safety programs, and training and education materials. We are happy to offer full services or complementary enhancements to your existing programs. 

Business Meeting

Our Services


On-Site Risk Assessments

An initial risk assessment lets us deep dive into your daily tasks and operations, while allowing us to identify gaps, barriers, and obstacles to a food safe and infection free environment. We conduct a review of daily activities and programs, including operational processes, safety procedures, and policies to help guide our assessment, identify gaps in your system, and provide corrective strategies to help keep you on track. 


Quality Assurance, Audits & Inspections 

Audits and inspections of your facilities help you maintain compliance with applicable laws & regulations. They help ensure your team is following best practices; are ready for government inspections, pinpoint any occurrences and issues that need to be resolved for better efficiency prior to government inspections; while managing compliance and operational risks efficiently. ​We can also assist with planning and facility design.


Environmental Assessments

Stop and reduce the risk of outbreaks in your facility with periodic environmental assessments. Environmental assessments are an important part of outbreak investigations. Facilities can use environmental assessments to respond to outbreaks of foodborne illness and make recommendations to prevent them in the future. Looking for clues to understand and address the outbreak’s environmental causes - we can help!


Employee Training 

Compliance and best practice starts with proper training. Our food safety and infection control training programs can help employees start on the same page to encourage safe practices on the job. Online and in-person options exist. Incorporate it into your LMS or education initiatives as an employee training options, or make it madatory for all new hires. Give us a call today!

*Custom programs are available. 

Encourage workplace health and safety through best practices

Support compliance with regulatory requirements, while ensuring the proper measures and protocols are in place to promote risk reduction. 

Help improve the bottom line, through education, expert advise and assistance.


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