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Become a partner today! A Poetic Health offers a Partner option so Boards of Education, Educational Institutions, and Educators can easily certify staff and students in-house, while minimizing the middle person. Comes in an interactive digital format, with video games, great content, activities, music and funny movie clips. Give it to students/staff to complete on their own, or use as your complete safety unit for your whole class. Proctor rights, along with other material included. To get started, complete a parner form, send it back to us and we will share a folder with you, so you can begin. Inquire further about the partnership option - we think you will love it! Partner brochure and application form can be downloaded below.  

Partner Pricing & Brochure

Partner Application

Cost w/certification: 28.25-40$/pp

Cost w/out certification: $299.00/per academic year

Format: Interactive Digital

Duration: 6 modules - approx 4-6 hours

*Self-Study or teacher led. 

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Our learner-centered model is interactive and engaging, exploring concepts and encouraging real-life application through a variety of hands-on activities & experiments, skits, kitchen/food handling simulation exercises and an optional cooking component. Our discussion model aims to minimize PowerPoint and lecture oriented delivery to maximize training and learning outcomes. Our hope is to encourage inquiry, critical thinking, and skill development, while having some fun. Training is suited to accommodate a wide range of learning styles, audiences, and/or program objectives. Further accommodations can be made where necessary.

Cost: $28.25/pp +$679 

Duration: 1 Full School Day

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Our Safer Food In Schools Option provides a way for general classroom teachers to infuse Food Handler Certification into their curriculum. Optimize safety in your classroom, while minimizing the risk of foodborne disease. You will obtain authorized access to professional materials, exam, proctor rights, creative lesson ideas and additional activity resources that can be integrated easily into safety and hygiene units, along with other relevent school programs. Please see the curriculum document below for topics covered. For more on this option, including pricing, please download the Safer Food In Schools Document. For Ontario SHSM, other professional programs, and adult ed,  please view the Partner or In-Person options above. Check for Eligability - some criteria applies with this option.  

Safer Food In Schools Project

Safer Food In Schools Curriculum

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Promote Safe Food Handling Practices, Infection Prevention/Control and risk reduction in schools and classrooms, by providing in-house certification for employees. Boards become our partner, gain access to our materials to certify employees as they need to. Become our partner today! 

Partner Pricing & Brochure

Partner Application

Cost w/certification: 28.25-40$/pp

Cost w/out certification: $299.00/per academic year

Format: Interactive Digital

Duration: 6 modules - approx 4-6 hours



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Our train the trainer option allows you to organize your own public and private groups, while using A Poetic Health as the certifying body. If you have a background in food, education, health and safety or other applicable areas, join our team. Get access to a great program, digital and in-person options, flexible arrangements, a great mark-up and percentage for your services and a great way to earn some additional income, while planning your own schedule and working as much or as little as you would like.  Send us an email with your interest - Join our team of trainers today! 

Ontario SHSM Sectors

General Course Classroom Integration:

  • Adult Education

  • PSW

  • Childcare/ECE

  • LINC

  • Family Studies

  • Home Economics

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Hospitality Tech

  • Life Skills 

  • Other

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