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fasical stretching

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Fascial Stretch Therapy is a system of assisted stretches that utilize techniques targeting the release of fascia in order to promote better mobilization of joint capsules and other connective tissues that may be limiting one's flexibility, strength and performance. In this workshops participants explore a paradigm shift in stretch techniques, offering a more advanced and effective method of stretching for both personal relief and professional integration.  Group work allows participants to explore both theory and hands-on practice as they learn how to perform fascial stretch techniques on themselves and others. Benefits include faster recovery times, increased athletic performance, increased range of motion, rehabilitation support and relief of joint and muscle pain.


We’ve all done some form of stretching -  in the gym before P.E. class, as part of an exercise class, or before and after sport. But have you ever wondered how truly effective the stretches you are doing really are? Have you ever felt like you cannot quite release a muscle regardless of how much you stretch? Traditional stretch techniques - which most people have been taught to use - move a muscle to its end range, holds it there briefly (usually from ten to twenty seconds), and then releases the stretch - this is static stretching. Fasical stretching is more active and relies on continuous movements that oscillate between compression and stabilization to encourage a deeper, more targeted stretch with sustained results. 

Cost: $35.00/pp

Duration: Approx 2 hours

Location: Your School 

*For large groups and multiple same day sessions, inquire about any discounts

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