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Nutrition Workshops 

A variety of topics for inclusion into your curriculum, our nutrition sessions combine quality information with real life application so students walk away with tips and tricks they can easily incorporate into their day-to-day. If a topic you are interested in is not indicated below, please let us know and we can work with you to customize. All nutrition sessions are provided by qualified dieticians/nutritionists. Durations range from 60-75 minutes. Facilitation is $450 + travel.  For Sports Nutrition for SHSM, please go here. For multiple sessions, please inquire about discounts. We can accommodate large groups. For fully online courses, individuals can register by following the link provided. For teachers that wish to purchase online courses in bulk for students, or to discuss as teaching material for yourself, please contact us.  

Plant Based Meal

Plant-Based Eating

Plant-based approach to eating is recommended by Canada’s NEW Food Guide. Learn the principles and how to avoid common pitfalls. Includes a science-based review of myths and facts!

Nutritional Cooking

Feed Your Mood - Mental Health Nutrition

What we eat can have a positive effect on many aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety and stress. Boost brain health and mood with everyday foods!

Health Juices

Immune Boosters - Boosting Your Immune System with Food

Good nutrition is essential to immune system performance  and its ability to protect us from colds, flus and  other infections. Learn how to reduce downtime and feel your best through food. This seminar is designed to empower students to take their nutrition and immune function to the next level.

Cooking Lesson

Lunch N' Dinner Prep

Eating homemade healthy meals is the key to improved nutrition. Learn how to optimize lunch and dinner preparation to help avoid eating out during busy days.

Grocery Shopping

Virtual Grocery Shop Tour & Label Reading

Learn top tips for healthy grocery shopping, including pre-store prep, navigating the aisles, reading labels and comparing products to help choose the best options for you.

Protein Powder Drink

Sports/Performance Nutrition

Take your students to the next level with performance nutrition. Learn the what, when and how of fueling for active lifestyles, training and performance. Can be catered to general performance and active lifestyles or if you have a group of athletes specifically just let us know. 

Healthy Food

Lunch N' Dinner Prep

With an abundance of information and conflicting opinions, knowing what comprises a ‘healthy diet’ can be confusing and overwhelming. This course is designed to help you understand the science-based  fundamentals of good nutrition, while learning the habits you need to develop in order to turn healthy eating into a realistic lifestyle that you can lead.

Course Highlights

  • Learn about 6 steps to healthy eating, such as creating balanced meals, plant-based eating, the importance of nutrient variety and hydration and listening to your body.

  • Tips for success and the “diet do’s and don’ts.”

  • Start top nutrition habits today! How to create balanced meals, winning snack combos with examples, adequate water intake, top foods for sustained energy.

  • Nutrition and life: hunger and satiety; meals and snacks; and planning ahead.

Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

Delivery: 60-90 minutes

Cost: $29.99/pp (for groups contact us for bulk payment options)

To Sign Up: Click here

Online Nutrition Course Options

Smoothie with Granola

Gut Health Fundamentals - Online Course

Learn what you need to know from the stages of digestion to what to eat for a healthy gut. 

Understanding the essentials of good gut health can help improve skin health, immune health, better digestion and disease reduction. 

Course Highlights:

  • Learn why your gut health matters and how it contributes to your overall health and wellbeing

  • Gain practical tips for improving your gut function: Do’s and Don’ts for healthy bowels

  • Dive into the connection between digestive health and psychological health

  • Learn about the use of prebiotics and probiotics and specific health outcomes

  • Get how-to plans, ideas and tips for gut healthy foods, supplements (probiotics, prebiotics, etc), and other lifestyle factors that increase gut health

Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

Delivery: Online

Cost: $29.99/pp (for groups contact us for bulk payment options)

To Sign Up: Click Here

Eating Watermelon

Family Nutrition 101 - Online Course

Designed for caregivers and parents - you will  learn the basics of what healthy eating is and how to apply it within your family unit. Healthy eating starts at home and this course is step 1 to keeping the whole family healthy.

Course Highlights

  • Learn fundamentals of healthy eating and what it means to your family

  • Learn to build balanced plates at each meal

  • Learn strategies to better plan your meals before  grocery shopping to save you time and money. 

  • Explore label reading, tips for each aisle, and how to pick the best fruits and vegetables.

  • Clue in to money-saving tips and science-based facts about frozen, fresh & canned options.

  • Get tips on meal prepping, how to repurpose certain ingredients and study the structure of a sample meal plan for adults and children so you can plan like a pro!

Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

Delivery: Online

Cost: $29.99/pp (for groups contact us for bulk payment and options)

To Sign Up: Click Here

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