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Nutrition Workshops 

A variety of topics for inclusion into your curriculum, our nutrition sessions combine quality information with real life application so students walk away with tips and tricks they can easily incorporate into their day-to-day. If a topic you are interested in is not indicated below, please let us know and we can work with you to customize. All nutrition sessions are provided by qualified dieticians/nutritionists. Durations range from 60-75 minutes. Facilitation is $450 + travel. For multiple sessions, please inquire about discounts. We can accommodate large groups. For fully online courses, individuals can register by following the link provided. For teachers that wish to purchase online courses in bulk for students, or to discuss as teaching material for yourself, please contact us.  

Plant Based Meal

Plant-Based Eating

Plant-based approach to eating is recommended by Canada’s NEW Food Guide. Learn the principles and how to avoid common pitfalls. Includes a science-based review of myths and facts!

Nutritional Cooking

Feed Your Mood - Mental Health Nutrition

What we eat can have a positive effect on many aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety and stress. Boost brain health and mood with everyday foods!

Health Juices

Immune Boosters - Boosting Your Immune System with Food

Good nutrition is essential to immune system performance  and its ability to protect us from colds, flus and  other infections. Learn how to reduce downtime and feel your best through food. This seminar is designed to empower students to take their nutrition and immune function to the next level.

Cooking Lesson

Lunch N' Dinner Prep

Eating homemade healthy meals is the key to improved nutrition. Learn how to optimize lunch and dinner preparation to help avoid eating out during busy days.

Grocery Shopping

Online Nutrition Course Options

Online Nutrition Course Options

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