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Shirley Zabol, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Larry’s private practice is focused on bringing clients into wellness through discovery, education, and transformation. Diving into your history of health and personal values, Dr. Larry will uncover root causes of your health concerns, and inspire you to generate and maintain positive habits in your life. 

Your journey with Dr. Jodi’s private practice begins with an intensive 90-minute consultation. The aim of this session is to align in an understanding of your current health, your goals, and the values by which you live, in order to develop the strategy and support necessary for successful treatment.

A complete and thorough medical history and intake of all current problemsAn assessment of current state of healthA comprehensive nutrition and diet protocol addressing all health concernsA supplement plan if necessaryStress management techniques, tools and adviceYou will leave this session armed with a plan to tackle your health concerns, and the motivation, support, passion and inspiration to achieve your goals!

Dr. Jodi’s practice is based upon these primary treatment methods:

Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Supplements, Lifestyle Counselling, Daring Way (Brene Brown Curriculum)


Shirley Zabol, ND
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